Flying termites can be a real pain in the neck, can scare the hell out of you when you least expect it and can also be destructive. These are nothing but the regular termites that has just started to fly and has developed wings. These winged termites often enter your place as a large group and are often similar to the normal ones. They are attracted to light and can enter the house through any opening on the wall, like small cracks, windows, ventilators, etc. Recently, Ireland has been infested by moths all over the place, and pest control experts had to issue warnings to the residents. Check out to know more about it.

If you see them often near your place, then it is a clear indication that there is a colony somewhere near to your place. They can be easily identified also. But, in some cases, you might get confused between flying insects and flying termites. There are even several creepy flies and flying ants that might look like flying termites. The best way to distinguish flying termites from other insects is to observe their body. The winged termites have larger wings and a body that is segmented into two. Ants or other insects have a body that is segmented into three. Here are some of the best ways to clear out flying termites:

Peppermint Sprays The oil of peppermint helps in suffocating these termites and eventually kills them. Hence, it is considered as one of the best and natural ways to clear out flying termites. Try mixing the peppermint oil with soap and water. It becomes the best natural insecticide. Mix two parts of water with one part of soap in liquid form. Then add one or two peppermint oil drops. Shake the bottle well and mix the ingredients. Now you have a homemade spray to clear out all the flying termites!

Aerosol Can Help! The aerosol is one of the best methods to get naturally rid of the winged termites. There are a wide variety of toxin bug removers available on the market. It can be easily utilized to remove termite infestations. You can even use ant sprays to get rid of flying termites. Just make sure you buy a spray that can be easily directed to the termites. Spray directly on them whenever you see them in your house. Make sure you read the labels on these sprays as most of them are hazardous if not used properly.

Dish Soap Sprays Dish soap is also very useful in getting rid of winged termites effectively and easily. It easily gets stuck in the body of the termites and start dehydrating them. Eventually the termite dies. It can be easily prepared by just mixing water and dish soap. Put the mixed solution in any empty spray bottle and spray on the termites. You can even fill up the whole bottle with water and just add few drops of liquid soap. Then shake the bottle so that the liquid soap mixes well with the water. Now you can use it to spray on termites as soon as you spot them.

The Best Way To Clear Out All The Flying/Winged Termites!

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